The Global Impact Tech Alliance (GITA) is a network of impact-tech investors and thought leaders from around the world, who are working together to empower and scale effective tech innovation contributing to the achievement of the 2030 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) the world agreed on to the implementation of solutions tackling the global climate crisis.

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What is Impact-Tech

The intentional development and creation of technological solutions to global social and environmental challenges, as represented by the SDGs.

In investment strategies, Impact Venture Capital seek to maximize financial and social / environmental returns

Our story

We are a global tech network in the making, of impact-tech leaders, from investors and start-ups to organizations and experts around the world, who works to combine the UN Sustainable Development Goals with tech innovation.

Our core belief is that once impact becomes an integral part of tech, we will have the potential to change the world.

Using data-based mapping of the ecosystem and shared insight platform, on-the-job training programs, international summits, networking events & consulting we are gearing towards tapping into the immense impact potential of technology so we can significantly scale global Impact-Venture Capital Investments from $1bn in 2019 to 50bn in 2030.

Data-Driven Platform

Our digital knowledge center encompasses: tech companies & tech solutions, job-listings, Impact VC deal-flow, industry research, tech applications for achieving the SDGs, and the ImpacTech Compass— our impact tech measurement and management methodology!

Resource Development & Standardization

To cooperate effectively, impact-tech needs standardized definitions, shared best-practices, and methods for impact measurement & effectiveness of solutions.

Training & Education

The GITA Academy helps individuals and organizations wishing to implement tech SDG strategies in their companies and portfolios to shape the future through innovative, socially-minded leadership.

Events & Global Cooperation

From workshops and speaker-series to global summits and networking meet-ups, our events bring together international thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to share best practices in the impact tech domain.


Clean-Tech to Climate-Tech

A panel of global Climate-tech VC investors and ecosystem leaders. Keynote speaker: Dan Goldman, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Clean Energy Ventures.

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Leehe Skuler

Managing Director

A is global impact investing professional since 2008, primarily in global climate finance. Since 2013, has been working with Israeli investors, government, corporates, accelerator, academia, and VC funds to direct Israeli innovation for global challenges.

Cecile Blilious

GITA Chairman

Cecile is a pioneer of the Israeli impact investment market with nearly two decades of impact-tech investing experience. She is the Head of Impact and Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital and Founder of Impact First Investments. Cecile previously managed the Noaber Foundation's Israeli investments and held executive positions as a founder, CEO, and board member of several startups.

Marcio Lempert

Managing Director

Has over 25 years of hi-tech experience in executive positions (Orbotech, RAD, Finjan, etc). He was also CEO of Dualis - a pioneer Israeli Social Investment Fund. Recently, Marcio served as a mentor and director to tech companies and VCs, and teaches Entrepreneurship & Impact Business at the IDC.

Amit Katinka

Strategic Partnerships Director

A strategy consultant specializing in innovation and design thinking, with 10 years of experience in leading transformation and development of sustainability and impact entrepreneurship models. Has worked with Public, Business, Non profits, Academic, and others.

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