From climate change to socioeconomic disparities, there is a growing need to generate positive environmental and social impact as part of a business.

As science exposes, we came close to the limitations of our natural resources and social gaps are extending on a global scale, the importance of offering both a social as well as a financial return is underscored — today more than ever.

Business Benefit

Data is already on the side of impact.
Purpose-driven organizations are gaining more bang for their buck.

Recent statistics show how purpose-driven organizations are gaining more bang for their buck, allocating capital to make impact investments. Businesses that tackle social and environmental problems tend to attract high-quality talent as well as access impact-focused funding, a growing sector in the investment sphere. The monetizing of impact values into revenue is gradually becoming “the new normal”, serving the needs of both society and the economy.

Training and Education

We offer workshops, academic courses, Impact-tech lectures and professional training for impact-investing in technology.

By spreading the word and disseminating the knowledge, we are creating the largest community of impact-tech experts in the world.