GITA’s training and education activities enable you to deepen your knowledge of driving Impact at scale.

Whether you’re leading students in an academic setting to learn more about getting involved in impact-tech, or spearheading an existing startup wishing to create more impact, GITA will accompany all stages: from the intro to the impact world, through solving case studies to identifying potential impact in your organization.


At our workshops you’ll gain the chance to put impact methodologies into practice, solving real world cases and reveal the impact potential of existing organizations, different technologies and business models. You can leverage this platform to shift your organization to Impact as well as gain first hand experience of designing Impact at scale.

As interest and investments in Impact initiatives increase rapidly, more organizations are looking for their potential path to Impact. Tomorrow’s leaders need the tools to drive impact in order to become relevant in tomorrow’s economy.

GITA academic courses reinforce future leaders with tools to design and measure impact alongside applying tech innovation for Impact. Learning from real-world dilemmas brought by leading impact practitioners worldwide lays out the practical experience foundations for an impact-tech future.

GITA Fellowship program is our elite initiative offering ambitious students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of Impact tech.

Academic Courses.

Impact Entrepreneurship Programs.

We enable entrepreneurship programs to leverage the experience and knowledge of GITA to accelerate their participants towards successful Impact led startups.

Every startup is unique, yet in order to increase the chances of success, many are using methodologies and frameworks developed by experts as they evolved.

Nowadays, the impact tech community is generating its own best practices for impact innovation, based on experience and data. From ideation for impact frameworks to management through capital raising for impact startups, you can learn them all in our courses for Impact tech entrepreneurs.

As the business case of impact tech becomes common knowledge, more people can help broaden impact actions that are being taken around the world.

GITA-designed lectures support this dissemination of information, from intro to impact all the way to recent developments and best practices